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MIND Park is an industrial cluster-based area, spread across 150ha in Central Serbia. The Park is set to become globally unique as a centre of competence, focused, but not limited to the rail vehicle industry only. The Park provides turnkey facilities in accordance with your business needs. Customised manufacturing halls, modern office spaces as well as a science-technology park will be supported with excellent infrastructure and business support services as well as concentrated know-how in industry.

Availability of manufacturing, logistics and research services in one location aims to foster the development of skills, talent and innovation and enable the highest operational efficiency.



Park development

The Park dedicates 150 hectares to the development of world-class facilities for manufacturing and innovation purposes, bringing a significant advantage to its’ occupiers.

The industrial zone within MIND Park creates value by providing bespoke, turnkey manufacturing facilities that are equipped to meet all the occupiers’ needs and standards for quality. Providing a set-up with several companies and their long-time experience in rail vehicle industry.

But also offering fundamental services for a working manufacturing environment such as

  • logistics and shipping services
  • Paint shop

MIND Park Kragujevac - headqarters building

MIND Park - AMM Manufacturing Development

The business zone is designed to bolster innovation and provide services to support companies and people working within the Park. This area will be home to:

  • The Headquarters - 10.000m2 flexible open office spaces and conference rooms
  • A science-technology park that will include an Institute, Research & Development Centre, Engineering hub and start-up centre
  • A polyclinic diagnostic centre most advanced diagnostic equipment
  • Business hotel, bank, Customs offices



Internet speed
For the entire Park 20MW ELECTRICITY
generation capacity
For the entire Park 2000m3 GAS
distribution capacity
Santiary 2-3l/s
Waste 4-6l/s
supply capacity

MIND Park has excellent and brand new utilities network and infrastructure aligned with Industry 4.0:

  • Gas distribution with the capacity of 2.000m³/h for the entire park – 25m³/h available for the Headquarters building
  • Geothermal heat pumps
  • Power – distributing station with the capacity of 20MW - TS 1.6MW available for the Headquarters building
  • Water – sanitary 2-3l/s, waste 4-6l/s
  • Optical fiber with high speed internet connection
  • BMS security & Access Control, Energy Efficiency, Fire Protection System

The park is designed to facilitate future air and rail connectivity that will incorporate rail freight facilities and empower businesses with excellent access to markets. 



The park provides a wide range of value-added services, enabling its occupiers to focus on their core operations and get support in any field required:

MIND Park Serbia Services



MIND Park is located 14km from Kragujevac, one of the most important industrial and trade centres in Serbia.

Positioned in South-Eastern Europe, Serbia has strategically easy access across Europe.


14km from Kragujevac
101km from Belgrade
116km from Belgrade Int. Airport

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