Shared services

Within MIND Park, there is also a special system of Shared Services. They provide a wide range of value-added services, enabling its occupiers to focus on their core business and get support in any field required.


Support in setting up a company and legal consultation

To help companies better position themselves and get acquainted with the laws and regulations of business in the Republic of Serbia, MIND Shared Services offer services such as analyzing and collecting the necessary documents, registration with a notary, applying for registration, but also help negotiate with banks and opening a bank account. Besides initial help with setting up a company, MIND Shared Services provide you with ongoing legal support throughout your entire business.

Another benefit of this service is the support in the realization Quality Managment System. Because successful businesses understand the value of an effective Quality Management System, the organization is focussed on meeting customer requirements and they are satisfied with the products and services that they receive. 


Care for all employees

Human Resources are one of the most important sectors for every company’s business. This segment of MIND Shared Services is divided into several areas that ensure you simpler business, but also good access to your employees. Through Recruiting & Headhunting, you get the best potential employees whose skills and abilities match your requirements, through advertising, detailed selection, and testing. After all, organizing and implementing soft and hard skills through Employee Training & Development will make your employees grow and develop.

Within Human Resources, MIND Shared Services offer you the opportunity for administration, drafting work contracts and annexes, the decision for work contract termination, vacations and paid leaves, updating personnel records for all employees, writing work rulebook, organization, and systematization of workplaces, care of employees’ salaries through the calculation of salaries, benefits, and other income of natural persons.

Another important part of Human Resources Shared Services is Expat Management, which is helping in obtaining temporary residences and work permits, assistance in choosing a place of residence, appropriate school, and kindergarten.


Control of finances

The secure development of a company is possible through properly distributed finances and control of funds. Finance services include bookkeeping, payment services, Cash flow management, invoicing services, tax accounting, tax advisory, etc.

Controlling & consulting provide you with Financial services in the field of investments and fundraising such as bank loans. Loan consulting implies the analysis of the capital market and preparing documentation for potential loans and leasing. In order to everything in your business runs, Controlling & Cost Management in the fields of Financial controlling, quarterly reporting, and special reports are available and designed for you.


Modern IT support for your business

Modern business is not possible without the support of IT and Communication Technology and that's why MIND Shared Services offer the possibility of Software and Server maintenance, mail maintenance, web, backup server, and installation, maintenance, and procurement of hardware. Within these services there is IT Consulting that the company provides the ability to select and configure IT equipment, choosing the right software such as ERP Construction, D modelling, NCN machine programming. Within the IT service, there will also be a Data center that will provide you with secure storage and analysis of data


Complete protection and security

The advantage of Shared Services is also the complete protection and security of office space, facilities, classified documents, and information available to all members of the MIND Park.

24/7 security comprises complete securing of the area, checking all points, access control, and general security. As part of this service, the security of the office and production area, and access control is implied.

The maintenance services are available to all members of the Park, which enables the economical use of resources and employees. Besides maintaining the indoor area, these services also include cleaning and disinfecting the streets, snow clearing, municipal waste removal, seeding grass, flowers, trees, etc.

Within the services, there are Janitor services that perform tasks such as wall painting, repairing the inventory, doing regular inspections, and small repairs. One of the most important segments is the possibility of renting cafe personnel.


H&S services

An essential part of MIND Shared Services is Health & Safety. It is one of the basic rights of every human being, because only a safe and healthy working environment enables productive, so that’s why is it not surprising that MIND Park presents strong attention to this sector and services available to all companies. 

Besides risk assessment, finding and defining all hazards and harms that can occur in the workplace, H&S in MIND Park is also in charge of some other interesting parts. It is also engaged with examining productivity, quality of products and services, and working conditions of all partners.

Besides creating instructions for safe use of machines and equipment, H&S also conducts trainings that empower employees to more fit into the unfamiliar business environment. It also conducts periodic mandatory educations within the planned and prescribed deadlines.

By applying preventive technical protection measures on machines and equipment, preventive maintenance of equipment and the choice of established protective clothing, footwear and equipment, and their use, the possibilities of injuries at work are minimized.