Research and development

Thanks to its good position and proximity to Kragujevac, which is a University city, MIND Park has great accessibility of highly trained professional staff. As a group that orients its business towards the satisfaction of employees and business partners in MIND Park was founded MIND Edu. Besides MIND Edu, the Industrial & Development center is also going to include Start-up Center, Research & Development center which will contain laboratories focused on research in
Composite material, water treatment, and environmental protection and it is going to be one of the most important institutions in Southeastern Europe.

Research in Institute

IMW Institute was established in April 2019, as a limited liability company, for scientific research and development. The Institute's primary work is research and development in the technical and technological areas.

The Institute has 3 laboratories and a department for technical sample preparation. The team is trained and certified, starting from a metallurgical engineer, technician, mechanical engineers, to chemistry specialists.

IMW Institute is oriented to material evaluation and it is organized according to the latest technology trends in composite materials, adhesive bonding and welding, engineering, and 3D printing.

The mechanical-metallographic laboratory is equipped with the most advanced equipment which allows a wide spectrum of research for mechanical as well as microstructural characteristics of metals and welded joints.

The latest generation device for quantitative chemical analysis of metal samples is installed at the IMW Institute, called SpectorLab device. It is one of the most modern in the world. An optical emission spectrometer is used for the quantitative chemical analysis of metallic alloys to form a solid sample.

Start-up center

As a part of MIND Park, a Start-up Center will be established to support and help with all the resources needed to develop new businesses. The Start-up Center is planned for businesses wishing to operate within the metal engineering and high-tech industry.

MIND Park Start-up Center also gives you knowledge in the start-up world through a specialized training program relating to entrepreneurship, business development, pitching for funding, and marketing strategy. The start-up team will go through a comprehensive process of forming and building your ideas, supported by our specialists and mentors.

In order to help a start-up to better position themselves and get acquainted with the laws and regulations of business in the Republic of Serbia, within MIND Shared Services there is a service of analyzing and collecting the necessary documents, registration with a notary, applying for registration, but also help negotiate with banks and opening a bank account.


MIND Edu represents another member of the MIND Group which is in charge of developing and improving trainings for hard and soft skills.

The Education center has a high class and up-to-date education programs for soft and hard skill trainings, such as CNC Operator, Locksmith Operator, AL+Steel Welder, Industrial Mechanic, Management.

Thanks to the knowledge in the field of the railway industry for more than 30 years and good cooperation with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, the University of Kragujevac, MIND Edu also conducts training programs for students. One of the benefits of this cooperation is the Master's program in the field of mobility in cooperation with the Faculty of Engineering, University of Kragujevac. You can find out more about the program here.