Why MIND Park

MIND Park is an industrial cluster-based area, spread across 150ha in Central Serbia which started construction in 2018 and has been growing steadily.  Our mission is to become a unique competence center in the area of railway, high-tech, and aerospace industry on the world scale. The industrial complex of the MIND Park aims at contributing greatly to the technological-economic development of Serbia.

In the center of the Šumadija region, located 12km from Kragujevac, the Park provides turnkey facilities following your business needs. MIND Park provides complete support to the investors for setting up a business in Serbia, from establishing the company through setting up the production, finding and training of the staff, to the support in all business phases. Customized manufacturing halls, modern office spaces, research park which will be supported with excellent infrastructure and business support services as well as concentrated know-how in the industry.

Our goal is to become the core development driver in the region. To date, MIND Park has already welcomed several companies such as Siemens and CAF, components producers for rail vehicles, and in the following years more companies and supporting industries will join MIND Park community. Next big step is completing a logistic center that will be opened during 2022 with the rail and truck terminal along with the railway with the test track on site.

MIND Park the project of national importance

Proclaimed by the Government of the Republic of Serbia as a project of national importance, the complex not only provides the production capacities for creating innovative solutions in the railway industry but also in other branches of high industrial development.

MIND Park has an excellent and brand-new utility network and infrastructure aligned with Industry 4.0 which also ensures the preservation of the environment:

- Geothermal heat pumps
- Power – distributing station with the capacity up to 20MW (increasing to 70MW) –  with the latest wastewater treatment system
- Optical fibre with a high-speed internet connection
- Gas distribution with the capacity of 2.000m³/h for the entire park 
- BMS security & Access Control, Energy Efficiency, Fire Protection System
- Data center

Favorable location and good connection with all important railways, roads, and airways

MIND Park is placed in Central Serbia, Kragujevac, the main transportation knot with Highway accessibility and long tradition in the mobility industry. Due to its position, MIND Park is connected to all state roads and therefore international highways. As a project of national importance, starting from 2022 MIND Park will be connected to Rail Corridor X, which will be the base for the development of the largest railway logistic terminal in the region. MIND Park has a very good connection to the three major Serbian airports which are located less than 120 km. By the end of 2024, the construction of the aviation zone in MIND Park will be completed.

Until the end of 2022, a logistics hub will be built in MIND Park, what is going to be a significant benefit for this region. Global Logistic Hub in MIND Park will be supporting your business as a shipping partner through a large portfolio of services such as free trade zone, container terminal, railway connection, etc. The capacity of Global Logistic Hub will be 50,000 sqm of a warehouse, 13,000 sqm of the area reserved for the container terminal and a railway freight station in the MIND Park.

Excellent access to motivated and young well-educated employees

Thanks to the proximity of Kragujevac known as the University Center, and especially the cooperation with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and High School MIND Park has excellent access to motivated and young well-educated resources.

Thanks to good cooperation with all university centers in Serbia, especially with the Faculty of Engineering in Kragujevac, a new master's degree has been established that enriches the education of professional staff in the field of Mobility Systems Engineering. After graduation, students have the opportunity to intership in one of the companies within the MIND Group. Also, reaccreditation of the Faculty of Engineering with new Mobility subjects and their implementation students can be trained in the direction of Mechanical engineering (rail engineering), Electrical engineering, Software engineering.

Since MIND Group is a corporation that invests in the education and training of its employees, a member of the MIND Group is also MIND Edu.
It is a company that primarily gives education and specialised training for various occupations that are required by MIND Park and its partners.

Strong Business and Employees Community

One of the MIND Park’s ideas is the existence of a clear Business Community that meets all companies in one place and with access to all resources such as research park, IMW Institute, and Shared services, helping businesses and allowing companies to focus on their core business. Thanks to all these benefits, MIND Park is home not only to the MIND Group, but also to a large number of important companies that will support the development of the whole Park by exchanging knowledge, experience, and their products.

Within Business Community, except using Shared services, all associates of MIND Park will have the opportunity to use meeting rooms, catering services for corporate projects, and other benefits.

In addition to the Business Community in MIND Park, a strong Employees Community is being developed to provide all accompanying activities for the employees from the most modern kindergarten for children, through Canteen, Polyclinic Center, but also sports fields that will provide good recreation for all.