About MIND Group

Established in 2018, MIND Group's vision is to be the pioneer of a world-class group comprising companies that allow MIND Park and all partners of the Park to drive their businesses through the symbiosis of professional knowledge. The core aim is to facilitate the economic diversification of Šumadija, Serbia. MIND Group is focused on bringing value to businesses and the community in MIND Park by providing integrated operations through its diverse portfolio of services and opportunities, from building personalized halls, logistics hub, research center, to legal and economic consulting in starting a new business. By offering comprehensive and innovative solutions, MIND Group plays a big role in the railway’s development, high-tech, and aero industry.

The idea of MIND Group arose after the takeover of Milanović inženjering by the international company Siemens Mobility. As a company with a long-term and successful business, the company Milanović inženjering has created a good way for the formation of a large group that strives to become recognizable throughout the world.

AMM Manufacturing has a team of engineers, who possess significant knowledge and extensive experience in the engineering, especially for the purposes of rail vehicle industries. Along with the engagement in the ongoing projects, the engineering team of AMM Manufactiring is active in continuous training, and permanently developing their knowledge and experience in the latest techniques and technologies. As a promising company with a rich portfolio and clients, in addition to the rail industry, it is going to expand to the airline industry.

Link to AMM Manufacturing 2021 Video on YouTube.

MIND Real Estate is the company in charge of building the complete MIND Park from the construction of buildings to the infrastructure. This company is also in charge of renting office and manufacturing space that is done according to the highest standards. In addition to the construction of the MIND Park, MIND Real Estate also includes Shared Services, which ensure easier operation of all companies within this industrial complex.

Milanović Water Treatment is organized to manage the project from idea to realization using its own design, production and service capacities. With representative offices in Serbia, Germany and UAE, it focuses on potable water treatment and wastewater treatment.

IMW Institut is focused on scientific research and development. The Institut’s primary tasks are research and development in the technical and technological areas. The IMW Institute has 3 laboratories and a department for technical sample preparation. The team is qualified and certified, starting from a metallurgical engineer, technician, mechanical engineers, to the chemistry specialists. The core activities are:
- mechanical testing white modern equipment for tensile testing and metal hardness and quality of welds
- metallography
- high quality sample preparation for mechanical, metallographic and chemical testing
- quantitative determination of chemical composition of metals with OES method

MIND Edu as the education center has the high class and up-to-date education programs for soft and hard skill training, such as CNC Operator, engineering, technical drawings, Locksmith Operator, AL+Steel Welder, Industrial Mechanic, IT training for Catia, CAD, and Management. 

Besides internal educations for all employees of MIND Group, and clients in MIND Park, trainings can also be organised for external associates in the country and abroad.

ProAspa is one of the atypical companies within the MIND Group that produces and processes fruits and vegetables. The main focus of ProAspa is the production and distribution of asparagus, plums, apples, and berries, but also other fruits.

In its core business, Culinaris is divided into two areas. As a modern a la carte restaurant with a combination of modern gastronomic approach to traditional recipes and as a canteen for all employees it adds significant value to the MIND Park. 

In Culinaris you can get catering services for all your celebrations that can be organized both in MIND Park and outside it.